A PHP Library to easily send push notifications with the Pushwoosh REST Web Services.

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First sample, creating a Pushwoosh message

// Create a Pushwoosh client
$pushwoosh = Pushwoosh::create()

// Create a request for the '/createMessage' Web Service
$request = CreateMessageRequest::create()
    ->addNotification(Notification::create()->setContent('Hello Jean !'));

// Call the REST Web Service
$response = $pushwoosh->createMessage($request);

// Check if its ok
if($response->isOk()) {
    print 'Great, my message has been sent !';
} else {
    print 'Oups, the sent failed :-('; 
    print 'Status code : ' . $response->getStatusCode();
    print 'Status message : ' . $response->getStatusMessage();
Easy, isn't it ?


The easiest way to install the library is to use composer and define the following dependency inside your composer.json file :

    "require": {
        "gomoob/php-pushwoosh": "~1.0"


Framework Integrations

If you have integrated php-pushwoosh into a popular PHP framework let us know !

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